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Mahshid Kazemi, born in 1994 in Abadeh a small city in Fars Province in Iran. She  is an theater actress who has endured many hardships to achieve her dreams to be a great theater actress. For example, at the age of 20, she moved to Tehran, the center of the Iranian theater, and recently underwent a difficult surgery to decrees her weight from 110 kg to 54 kg.  3 years ago, she won the Best Actor Award Iran International University Theater Festival, but despite this, she was feeling that his body physique is preventing her to accept various roles, so she decided to change her body, however still she is not to be considered by important theater groups and film companies. Now During these three days and nights, she gives her body and mind to the audience. During these 72 hours, Iran Saye Theater Group will unveil her with special shows.



Also, there is a menu which is prepared for the spectators, they can do with Mahshid or Mahshid can do for them. The menu is as:

6000 Toman Giving some water to Mahshid
5000 T Giving some food to Mahshid
5000 T Eating meal with Mahshid
3000 T Mahshid tells you about Abadeh people
3000 T Mahshid dances for you
3000 T Mahshid sings songs for you
2000 T Mahshid tells you about Mahshid
2000 T Spending the night with Mahshid
1000 T Mahshid goes to be a monkey for you
1000 T Sheep sound BAAAA    BAAAA
500 T Kissing Mahshid
500 T Whatever you tell
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This performance took place in Tehran During 72 hours and some audiences spent nights in tent with Mahshid, all 72hours and all Mahshid activities was on showing on Instagram live stream.  here is some photos:





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